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Q & A

Yes, we have done testing with a lab in Germany on sensitivity with Hydrogen peroxide.levels up to 50 ppm the microbes are insensitive.

We suggest to use Bio Green loose powder and the BioEndoPhyte Tech Grade

An increase in growth needs to be supported with an increase in nutrients. You will notice your crops are ready for harvest sooner and with more quality yield.

No, our products are living micro-organisms, and their population will increase and decrease occasionally; when too many microbes are applied they will go dormant. Check with us for the best rates and to avoid unnecessary costs.

Most of our products have similarities, but differ in strengths and specific benefits. Just send us or our partners an email and we can advise you on the best option.

Bacillus multiplies every 20 min, under optimal circumstances. Tip: Use 10L/ 3 gallons of warm water 30-40 Celsius (85-105 F). Add 200 grams of sugar or 100 grams of molasses or 100 grams of syrup and mix this 4-5 hours prior with the microbes before application. Agitate just before use.

Peroxide & Chlorine are not stable and disintegrate fast. Bacillus products, “Bio Green Tabs & Rhizo Vital 42 ” in spore form” are safe; germinated spores will be affected. It is preferable to hold back on hydrogen peroxide & chlorine applications before using our Bacillus products.


Our team of specialists and partners is ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right products that better fit your growing needs.

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