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Our line of Biostimulants

We want to make sure you get the most out of your experience with our products.In addition to carrying a wide range of horticulture and horticulture supplies, we also offer specialty services and productcs customized to your needs.


Bio Green Tabs tablets are a unique and highly concentrated (water soluble) blend of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria are also called probiotics. While chemicals not only kill pathogens but also beneficial organisms, Bio Green Tabs allow the plant to become naturally resistant to various diseases.


BIOENDOPHYTE protects the seed from the outside by colonization  and due to its very small particles (5 micron) it can easily enter the seed, where it multiplies and protects the seeds from inside out.BIOENDOPHYTE is employed as a bio stimulant to enhance protection, germination, seed vigour, seed health and production.When treated seeds are planted, BIOENDOPHYTE continues to grow and colonize the seed and plant tissue multiplies million fold compared to earlier numbers applied.

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Green Vita comes in commercial  size and hobby grower size sachets.

  • High in bacteria, nutrients, micronutrients, trace minerals, and vitamins for plant growth stimulation.

  • Suppresses soil and root pathogens.

  • Neutralizes herbicides and pesticides in the soil and in the plant.

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    RhizoVital 42 supports the plant to build a strong and efficient root system, improving its tolerance towards stress (e.g. water deficiency, salinity) caused by unfavourable climatic conditions and field management. For this reason RhizoVital 42 increases plant growth and promotes higher yield.​RhizoVital 42 is a biostimulating microbial fertilizer, containing spores of the naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (>2.5 × 1010 CFU/ml). The bacteria germinate and colonize the young growing roots, release hormones and enzymes which stimulate plant growth and mobilise nutrients.


    Rootella F concentrated fine powder mycorrhizal inoculant effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Rootella products improves plant nutrient uptake. Effective mycorrhizal inoculation of plant roots has been proven to:

  • Improve crop yield

  • Reduce fertilizer, compost and irrigation requirements

  • Increase plant durability under stress

  • Rootella F mycorrhizal inoculants are ideal for manual mixing with seeds. This product formulation clings to seeds and lends itself well to planter box applications. Rootella F inoculants boast extremely high concentrations

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