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Bio Green Tabs is registered in Canada (Registration Number 2019212A Fertilizers Act) and in The Netherlands in the Dutch input list for organic farming.

The balance of different bacteria and fungi is critical to the success of sustainable agriculture, especially when we are faced with declining yields and increased disease and pests. 

Bio Green Tabs tablets are a unique blend of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria are also called probiotics. While chemicals not only kill pathogens but also beneficial organisms, BioGreen Tabs allow the plant to become naturally resistant to various diseases.

Benefits of Bio Green Tabs:

  • Better absorption of nutrients and water.

  • Better resistance to saline soils and environmental stresses.

  • They play an important role in plant development and plant resistance to disease.

  • Increase in yield due to soil improvement and Immune System Response     (ISR)

  • Our microbes produce enzymes which induce natural antibiotics, plant hormones inside the plant to fight diseases naturally.

  • Non-pathogenic – do not cause disease – and NOT GMO.

  • Higher yield observed with a large range of crops.

  • Invert the oxidation of old roots

  • Bio Green Tabs restore the BALANCE between beneficial bacteria and fungi in soil.

  • Increased resistant; pest reduction (Nematodes, Nemathelminthes, Sciaridae etc.)

Agriculture/Field production

Apply : During planting or shortly after.

Pre-Mix 4 tablets per acre (10 tablets per hectare) in a pail of water with temperature between 15C and 35C (60 F- 95 F )

Prepare prior to use, preferable a few hours before, Green tab can be mixed with fertilizers solution.

Propagation Start up.

Mix 1 tablets per 10 L  water, with temperature between 30C and 40C (85 F – 105 F )

Prepare prior to use, preferable few hours before, agitate before use.

Spray propagation trays, during or just after seeding.

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